Powering the war on weeds.

Bellum is a Mesotrione herbicide that provides superior control of annual broadleaf weeds in field corn, sugar cane, sorghum, and other labeled crops. Attacking more than 20 broadleaf species, growers can depend on Bellum for exceptional weed control.


Long-lasting residual weed control and application flexibility through its combination of two active ingredients, Mesotrione and Metolachlor.

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One-pass weed control with three active ingredients: Mesotrione, Metolachlor, and Atrazine. Improves yield with longer lasting residual.

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A pre-emergence weed control with application flexibility and long lasting residual for corn using active ingredients Mesotrione, Metolachlor, and Atrazine.

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One pass weed control with tank mix flexibility using two active ingrediants- mesotrione and rimsulfuron.

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Bellum Sell Sheet

Download the Powered by Bellum Sell Sheet for more imformation on the mesotrione family of Products.